Eating healthy takes motivation, dedication, and creativity. Even the healthiest eater often struggles with cravings or a weak spot in their diet. If you're ready to take small steps to big changes the Lean 180 team is here with suggestions to increase variety and add nutrition to your diet.


Brown Rice - A lot of fitness blogs tout “chicken -brown rice - broccoli” as the go-to meal for weight loss. But why not try quinoa? Quinoa tastes like a grain but is actually a seed that provides lots of protein, fiber (almost double that of brown rice!), and nutrients. 


Chips - Having a snack attack? Attack back by enjoy air-popped or low fat popcorn instead of greasy chips or movie theater popcorn. If you feel this option lacks flavor, add a tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese or salt-free seasoning to your popcorn.


Salt and seasonings - Cut down on salt and boost flavor by adding fresh herbs or salt-free Mrs. Dash to meats, salads, and vegetables.


Coffee - Coffee is inflammatory and dehydrating, fortunately green tea is highly anti-inflammatory and also contains caffeine to get your day started right. If you must have coffee have one 12 oz. cup and then sip on hot or iced green tea the rest of the day.


Sweets - When you’re craving sugar try drinking a Skinny Blend shake or a small serving of fruit. If you just have to have some chocolate, eat a handful of dark chocolate covered almonds.


Cereal - The selection has improved in the cereal aisle, but what about trying oatmeal? Low calories and high in fiber oatmeal can be customized to your taste. Add fruit, peanut butter, coconut oil, even protein powder.


If today is the first day of your new, healthier life let us help you! Get your 30 Day Challenge started today to boost weight loss and lose up to 25 pounds!