Frequently Asked Questions

1. What results can I expect with Lean 180°? Will I lose weight fast?

Most people lose between 5-10 lbs. their very first week and then go on to lose up to 25 lbs. in just 30 days. Ultimately, your results will depend on your level of commitment and dedication to the Lean 180, 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Although we can not guarantee exactly how much weight you will lose, as long as you follow our weight loss, get lean system, we can guarantee the following:

  • 1. You will definitely lose weight and shed body fat and start seeing your 6 pack abs (we like to say get rid of your weight - no need to find it again!).
  • 2. You will lose several inches from your waistline.
  • 3. You will be more energetic and move with more confidence.
  • 4. You will sleep better and wake up feeling better every day.
  • 5. You will have a better attitude and attract things that you desire.
  • 6. You will learn healthy habits that can last you a lifetime.
  • 7. Everyone will be telling you how lean, fit and good you look.


2. What makes Lean 180° unique? How is it different than the other countless diets and weight loss plans out there?

Lean 180° is very simple and user friendly. It is also tailored specifically to men like you. The plan was designed by a personal trainer and his team of trainers who have helped hundreds of people lose weight, get lean and live a happier and healthier life. Everything about this plan is designed with the end user, you, in mind. From the Get Lean Guide to the 180° Success/Goal Card (included in your 30 Day Challenge), you will have a plan and the accompanying tools you need to lose weight and keep it off (all delivered right to your door). Plus, you will be eating every day foods that you can buy at your local grocery store...there are no pre-packed foods on Lean 180°, and the meals were designed to fill you up in a healthy way and reset and ultimately recharge your metabolism.


3. Will I learn how to eat right and keep my weight off?

Although the Lean 180 Challenge is just 30 days, at the end of the Challenge you will have learned a new way of eating that stimulates fat burning, promotes great health, and results in weight loss and you being much more energetic. So, your way of eating and everything you have learned while following Lean 180° will allow you to continue to move forward and get at lean as you’d like, stay healthy, and keep feeling great! You will also receive supplements that are to be taken during your Challenge. At the end of Challenge, we highly advise you to keep taking those nutritional supplements as directed. You can simply order more from Lean180.com, and there is even a coupon code located in your Get Lean Guide.


4. What if I don't like certain foods on the eating plan?

Lean 180° is very user friendly and allows for food substitutions. Your plan comes with Menu Maps, and you can simply replace a 180° Meal that you don't like with one that you do. We believe that one must not only have a plan to successfully lose weight, but one must also be allowed some flexibility within that plan. You don't have to worry about points or calorie counting; all you have to do is eat your 180° Meals and stay focused on your Lean 180 Goal Card.


5. How many times a day will I eat on the Lean 180° plan?

You will be eating 3, Lean 180° meals and two snacks each day. This allows your metabolism to work at its optimal speed and ensures that you never feel deprived. In the many years we have been helping people lose weight and transform their bodies, we have never seen someone not lose weight and change their physique eating in this manner.


6. What happens if I am not at home and I need to eat a 180° meal or snack?

Lean 180° helps you prepare for such situations. You can either take a snack or a 180° Muscle Mix shake with you. Thinking ahead and being prepared will help you stay on track and not skip meals. Don’t worry, our plan is very simple to follow and we make it as easy as possible for you!


7. Is Lean 180° diabetic friendly?

Lean 180° is definitely a very healthy and safe eating system. The eating system is based on helping control one's blood sugar through adequate amounts of fiber and protein and limiting fast digesting carbohydrates. We feel our plan is great for diabetics and has the approval of a registered dietician! With that said, if you have diabetes, you should double-check with your physician before starting Lean 180° or any other eating plan.


8. Lean 180° comes with three nutritional supplements (different than your typical weight loss pills). I take medication and am curious how these supplements will interact with my medication.

Your plan comes with 180° Muscle Mix, 180° Burn and 180° Cleanse. These weight loss / get lean supplements will help you burn body fat, reduce your appetite, and give you energy all while nourishing the good, lean muscle you’re building. The supplements are very safe; however, we recommend that you consult with your pharmacist or physician before taking 180 Burn and 180 Cleanse. Please note that 180 Burn does have 50 mg of caffeine per capsule which is about the same amount of caffeine contained in a diet soda. Also, please visit our product page to see a complete list of the ingredients contained in both supplements.


9. What happens if I miss a time or a full day of taking my Lean 180° nutritional supplements?

First of all, don't stress out and feel like you have blown your plan because you haven't. Just make sure that you get right back on track and take your Lean 180 weight loss supplements at the next scheduled time. We do not advise doubling up on your supplements. Take your supplements about the same time each day, and this will help you remember to take them and keep you on track.


10. Why should I purchase Lean 180°?

Listen...if you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to get what you've always gotten. You have weight to lose (get rid of) and you want to build lean muscle, right? You are tired of trying and wasting money on “muscle man supplements” and diet pills that just don't work. You have a goal-weight in mind and a vision of how you’d like to look, right? You are looking for a change, right? You want something simple, but highly effective, right? Well...that's exactly why you should purchase the Lean 180 Get Lean, Weight Loss Challenge. As long as you follow the Get Lean Guide and use your Success/Goal Card each week, you will definitely lose weight, burn body fat, feel better, and be healthy, guaranteed!

Are you questioning if it's worth it? Take a minute and think about this: how much money have you spent gaining your weight? And be honest with yourself....we are guessing it's thousands of dollars. It's time to put your money toward getting lean and losing weight and not toward gaining weight. You will receive a great weight loss system, lose your weight, be healthy, and get lean! And for a limited time, shipping is FREE! Plus, we will even throw in a free Lean 180 t-shirt. Don't waste anymore time...order your Lean 180 Challenge today! It's time to put your money towards a new LEANER, stronger, healthier, and happier you!


Is the Lean 180°, 30 Day Challenge right for you?

“I’m a 24 year old guy, and put on weight in college- too much beer and pizza. Is this plan for me?”

“I’m a 36 year old executive and am at my desk most of the day. I have developed low back pain and have gained fat on my stomach. Is this plan for me?"

“I’m a 40 year old former athlete and I have not made time to workout and eat right over the last several years. Will the Lean 180 Challenge work for me?”

“I’m a 55 year old guy who has become a little too attached to my recliner lately and put on some extra weight. Can this Challenge help me?”

The Lean 180° 30 Day Challenge can and will help all of these men. This system comes with the Get Lean Guide that lays out everything one needs to do, and it is very simple to follow.

All of the recommended food can be found at one’s local grocery store. There are no complicated, time consuming recipes to follow. The recipes we included in the Guide are very healthy and delicious, and they are very fast and easy to make.

The Lean 180 supplements will help all of these men. They are very safe, yet very effective. From the 180° Burn helping to get rid of belly fat and give more drive and energy, to the 180° Muscle Mix helping to support lean muscle growth, these supplements will help any man at any age.

Lastly, to get really lean and lose stubborn belly fat, one must include strength building exercises in his routine. For this reason, we have even included an amazing strength building program in the Get Lean Guide. We took four exercises that can be done in the comfort of one’s home, and created a very unique method for executing them each week. Whether you are 25 or 65, you can do these exercises and in just 30 days you will be stronger, leaner and have more energy every day, guaranteed!

What are you waiting for? Take action now, and order your Lean 180°, 30 Day Weight Loss / Get Lean Challenge today!

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