Okay guys. We know you typically aren't the demographic to head to group exercise classes. But, hear us out. Gone are the days of generic group exercise classes. While your local gym probably offers daily group exercise classes, more and more boutique (aka designer) gyms are popping up. These gyms and studios offer classes that go beyond a workout, providing a motivating experience that can lead to some incredible results. In this article we’ll discuss what makes these classes so successful and why you may want to join one.


Boutique gyms or studios are those spaces with tailored offerings. This description can cover any workout from Crossfit to Pure Barre to Hot Yoga to Soul Cycle. Before going to the studio, prepare for the atmosphere. Don’t expect to go to yoga and hear rap music. Instead research options in your area. Lots of these designer studios have classes based on certain soundtracks, almost guaranteeing you'll find an atmosphere suitable for your desired workout.


The cost of these classes can be expensive but you can see it as one of two things - an issue or a motivator. Depending on your geographical location you’ll find boutique studios charge $15-$40 a class. While that is expensive you have a few options:

1. Introductory classes - do new members get their first class free or a discounted mont?

2. Class passes - instead of buying a class at a time buy passes for 5, 10, 20, etc. classes saving you money and motivating you to go.

3. Become a member - If you know you like a studio, commit and become a member. Memberships often come with perks too, such as discounts on merchandise, sneak peaks, and special events.

If you do any of these options, remember you just made an investment. Invest your time and show up!


These studios also have tools to help you set and smash goals. These tools will vary but include writing progress on a community board, using heart rate monitors, and giving points for attendance which can be redeemed for merchandise. While you may feel silly at first, these tools keep you motivated to not disappoint yourself or your instructors.


Our favorite tip is to use boutique classes as a treat. Purchase a 10 or 20-class pass to save money and then pick one day every week that you go. This can be a boost to your workout, motivate you before a weigh-in, or just a place to spend your money that actually benefits you.


How do you feel about boutique studios? Do you have a class you regularly attend and love? Let us know what you like, don’t like, or want to know about these types of classes in the comments below.