Exercising alone will not lead to weight loss. While that may be a cruel reality, exercise is essential to losing weight. Aside from losing weight, exercise benefits mental and physical health. Below are six advantages you receive from exercise that will improve your well being and actually help you reach your goals. 

Improved memory - It is a well-known fact that regular exercise leads to better brain health. However, new research suggests a single session of exercise could improve memory retention for several hours following. This is believed to be the result of certain proteins that encourage retention being created during the release of neurotransmitters during exercise. 

Creates a mind-body connection - In a study of over 500 yogis, most said they initially came to the mat for stress relief but kept coming back because of the spiritual connection they felt. The author of this study believes a practice like yoga creates a connection that people need to improve their life. 

Increased energy - Want to boost your energy by 166%? According to one study that was the self-reported energy boost in a group that cycled for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the sedentary group only reported a 15% increase in energy. This information may not seem like "news" but it is an important reminder of how exercise can motivate you beyond losing weight. 

Reduces cancer risk - The Nation Cancer Institute recently reviewed data from 1.4 million participants and found that those who were active had a 20% lower risk of developing certain cancers. This could be a combination of the above benefits - increased energy, a more positive outlook, and improved mental health.

Prevent depression - We know that exercise can boost energy but it could also help your mood. Looking at over 10 years of research it was found that women who exercised at least 2.5 hours a week had 50% less depression symptoms than those who exercised less than 2.5 hours a week. We recommend spending 30 minutes doing an outside activity. 

Curb cravings - Feeling like you just want to crash and eat after a long day? You might want to rethink that snack, and go to the gym. Even a short workout of 15 minutes after doing mental work can reduce caloric intake by 100 calories. Even though you are burning calories, you are still fueling your body when you exercise leading to less consumption. 


With all these benefit the only question is - what workout are you doing tonight?