We've all been there - staring down the nutrition label, trying to decide if a certain food will help or harm us. Do you consider the sugar? the fat? calories? or do you just stay focused on moderation? UGH! Fortunately, Lean 180 has a quick, no questions guide for you. Five common foods you should throw out now and simply avoid because they are sabotaging your diet. Even in moderation.


1. Coffee Creamer - You can expect a serving of coffee creamer to have about 20-30 calories, not bad right? Did you know a serving is only 1 Tablespoon? Chances are you disregard measurements and just pour your creamer until the coffee looks "right". This practice piles on empty calories composed of sugar and fats (including hydrogenated oils) that taste like cookies, cakes, and chocolate. Instead, try adding whole milk or unsweetened almond milk to your coffee.


2. Ketchup - Like creamer, most ketchup users go well above a 1 Tablespoon serving. Already loaded with sugar and sodium, abusing this condiment will leave you with cravings. What's worse is a lot of us turn to ketchup as a condiment of choice and use it every meal - meaning you risk at least tripling the recommended serving every day! Limit or give up ketchup and instead try salsa or fresh tomatoes.


3. Mixed Drinks - Alcohol is one of, if not the, biggest road block for weight loss. From the grain, sugar, and yeast used to make the alcohol to the sugary syrups and sodas used as mixers - just say no! If you must indulge have an occasional wine, light beer, or opt for water and lemon as a mixer.


4. Snack Mixes - While it is common thought that mixing sweet and salty foods will satisfy cravings, snack mixes are typically shrouded in oils and flavorings before cooked. The sodium blast could even lead to you eating more or indulging in alcohol, if you're at a party. Even in granola, additions like chocolate and dried fruit don't offer much more than a sugar high. Instead set out a fruit and veggie tray or keep snack mix ingredients separated.


5. Yogurt - Yogurts are often touted as a great snack but beware! Low-calorie options may but back on sugar and fat but these are often replaced with artificial sweeteners and thickeners. Even worse are the fruit on the bottom varieties, with almost double the ingredients, thickeners, and complete with dead fruit. We recommend thawing frozen blueberries and mixing them into Greek yogurt for a filling, high protein snack.


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