Even if you’re on a diet, you still need to know how to eat right not only for fast weight loss but to ensure safe weight loss as well. People who want to start and implement a diet regimen are often lured to buy a product that has no substance. The truth is there are no quick fixes to a healthy diet. You just have to remember AND APPLY these simple or basic dieting guidelines listed below. Remember, you are not only aiming to lose weight but to stay healthy as well.

-It’s all about watching your calorie intake. The main factor in dieting is calorie intake. You can forget strictly choosing weight loss foods. The key is knowing how to calculate your calorie intake.

-The bulk of your regular food consumption should consist of fruits and vegetables. Between the plant-based and animal-based foods, health experts have proven that the plant-based menus are much healthier for one’s diet. You should consume a variety of fruits and vegetables regularly and your body is assured of getting almost all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Plant-based foods are also rich in fiber which aids in losing weight. An easy way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet is by adding some to a 180 Muscle Mix protein shake!

-Avoid eating too much fat, salt, and sugar. Salt, sugar and animal fat are the main culprits in building up body weight and fats. Although certain amounts of these elements are needed by the body, you should always consume them in minimal amounts especially when you are on a diet for weight loss. Stick to lean meats in order to get the protein you need while avoiding unnecessary fats.

-Eat a well balanced diet. Our 30 Day Get Lean Weight Loss Challenge allows you to eat foods from all of the food groups and shows you how to get all of the nutrients you need for your body to function correctly.

-Search for food substitutes. When certain types of foods are not ideal, always look for substitutes. For example; instead of plain white bread, why not go for the healthier whole grain bread as a diet food for weight loss. Using whole grain wraps are another great substitute for bread, especially ones that contain flax seed.

-Cook your meals and snacks. You don’t need to give up your meal and snack favorites like burger and chips. You can actually transform them into weight loss foods by tweaking and creating a healthier version or your very own recipe. By simply eliminating the bun and still topping it with vegetables, you can instantly make a burger healthier for you, including turkey burgers. Eat baked chips with sea salt as opposed to the oil laced, high sodium varieties.

-Choose the least processed foods. Preservatives and food additives are harmful to your health. If you want to implement safe weight loss, consume unprocessed, fresh, organic, or natural foods. Bear in mind that the more processing stages a food goes through, it becomes less and less healthy.

-Fish is healthy. A lot of people, especially kids, don’t like the idea of eating fish. Fish is healthier than meat and can provide unique types of nourishments like Omega 3. When you’re trying to learn how to eat right, start by including fish in your diet. Tilapia is a great fish to add to your list of healthy foods, because it is low and fat and has a very mild taste for those who don’t particularly like fish.

-Go heavy on breakfast. Finally, it’s worthy to stress the importance of breakfast for fast weight loss. Among all the meals of the day, you can actually go heavy (eating healthy foods) on breakfast even when you’re on a diet. This is because more of the calories you will consume at the start of the day will be burned and used by your body. This is not the case with lunch and dinner as you will likely become less active after these meals, especially dinner.

-It is important to consume protein at breakfast to give you the energy for the day and to keep you from feeling hungry and snacking. A great way to do this is by having a 180 Muscle Mix time-release protein blend which will keep you full for hours and stop those mid-morning cravings!

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