Most people are aware of the health benefits of consuming fruit and how they can help with achieving healthy weight loss. However, most do not realize that not all fruits are as helpful as others in helping them reach their weight loss goals. Our 30 Day Get Lean Weight Loss Challenge emphasizes fruit and that it should be incorporated into every man’s weight loss diet plan. Here is a list of the 5 best fruits for weight loss:

* Berries. All varieties of berries are loaded with vitamin C and fiber and are some of the fruits with the lowest sugar content. A great snack when you are craving something sweet is 1 cup of berries. They contain under 100 calories, making them a great addition to a 180 Muscle Mix weight loss smoothie as well.

* Citrus Fruits. A good source of fiber and made up of mostly water, citrus fruits have the ability to keep you feeling full longer and reduce your afternoon cravings. Grapefruits are especially helpful with this and have ability to lower insulin levels, which can lead to weight loss.

* Bananas. One medium-sized banana will not only fill you up, but will also boost your metabolism, improve your body’s fat burning process and suppress your appetite. A banana that is not fully ripe contains 12.5 grams of resistance starch. They are also high in potassium and fiber. Adding a banana to a 180 Muscle Mix protein shake is guaranteed to keep you full for hours and reduce your unhealthy cravings.

* Apples. One of the healthiest fruits you can eat, a single apple has less than 100 calories and contains more than 4 grams of fiber and a hefty dose of Vitamin C. Apples make a great afternoon or midmorning snack and will keep you feeling full while not bogging you down.

* Pears. A single pear contains 15% of the recommended amount of daily fiber, keeping you full longer and reducing your calorie intake by doing so. Just make sure not to peel your pears, as that is where all of the nutrients lie.

Eating fruit has many benefits and should be consumed daily in order to get all of the nutrients we need to keep our bodies running healthy and smoothly. Fruits make a great sweet snack in place of candy or other unhealthy sweets that provide empty calories to your diet. So, when you are craving something sweet, reach for one of these best fruits for weight loss to satisfy your sweet tooth and help you stay on your weight loss diet plan.

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