As you may know, one of the most common target areas for weight loss is in the abdominal region and people are always wondering how they can burn abdominal fat fast and get six-pack abs. What you may not know, is that some diet foods can actually help you burn fat simply by consuming them. Certain weight loss foods have a high thermogenic effect so you are literally burning extra calories as you chew. These foods for a diet can also contain nutrients and compounds that increase your metabolism. So, when you are wondering how to eat right, keep these fat burning foods in mind:

  • Whole Grains. Did you know that your body burns twice as many calories breaking down whole foods than processed foods? This is especially true for foods rich in fiber such as oatmeal and brown rice.
  • Lean Meats. When you consume protein, you burn about 30% of the calories that the food contains during digestion because of its high thermogenic effect. Which means that a 300-calorie chicken breast takes about 90 calories to break down.
  • Low-Fat Dairy Products. These types of dairy products are rich in calcium and vitamin D, which helps preserve and build muscle mass, which is essential for maintaining a high metabolism. Adding a scoop of Lean 180 Muscle Mix will also help contribute to gaining muscle mass and is the best tasting protein shake for men out there!
  • TKO Weight Loss Tea. Drinking four cups of tea a day has been shown to help people shed more than six pounds in eight weeks due to the fact that it speeds up your metabolism. TKO Diet Tea combines 100% all natural ingredients to help you detoxify and cleanse your body while boosting metabolism, burning fat, and suppressing your appetite.
  • Lentils. One cup of lentils has 35% of your iron needs and which is great, considering almost 20% of people are iron deficient. When your body lacks a nutrient such as iron, your metabolism slows down because you aren’t getting what your body needs to work properly.
  • Hot Peppers. Capsaicin, which is the compound that gives peppers their spicy kick, heats up your body and can cause you to burn extra calories. You can get it by eating raw, cooked, dried,  or powdered peppers, so add as much kick to your meals as possible.


By simply adding these foods to your diet, you can be on your way to guaranteed weight loss. Weight loss doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think, especially with the help of one of our weight loss diet plans and challenges. Head on over to and order yours today to start your weight loss journey!

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