When losing weight it can be easy to go through a period where you lack motivation and you feel like all the effort isn’t worth the results. Even the toughest men out there can fall victim to temptation when losing weight and get off track from their weight loss diet plan. Next time you are feeling low on motivation and want to skip the gym or eat unhealthy, read over these reasons why you should keep working towards weight loss.

Reason #1 – Because you whine that you need to.

Reason #2 – Twenty pounds of warm human fat can refill every bottle in an empty case of beer,   with enough left over to fill your blender.

Reason #3 – You can do it in your spare time.

Reason #4 – Weight loss decreases your chances of developing heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, sleep apnea, depression, back pain, gallstones, joint problems, and high blood pressure.

Reason #5 – You will literally get closer to women.

Reason #6 – ABS.

Reason #7 – Every time you pick up a 20 pound dumbbell, you will remember your accomplishment.

Reason #8 – People respect weight loss.

If you are struggling to stay motivated while you are dieting, write down some of these or other motivators on sticky notes and put them different places that you will see throughout the day. That way you have a constant reminder as to why you are trying to lose weight in the first place. Writing down your goal and putting it somewhere you will see every day is another great way to stay motivated!

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