BANISH Belly Fat | The Most Common Area Men & Women Want To Lose

The most common area men and women want to lose weight in the midsection. Every day, the Lean 180   team hears "how can I lose belly fat?" or "or do I get rid of this belly? Lucky for you, we have some answers! Aside from Lean 180's extensive line of weight loss products, there is a lot YOU can do to lose weight. Today's blog post is FULL of nutrition and fitness tips, exercises, and some science about the art of banishing belly fat!


First, some simple science. You simply do not "lose" fat cells. This is a great article that delves deep into the science of why, but we will summarize it by informing you the cells simply shrink. Don't lose hope though! Proper eating and exercise cause the chemical reactions that "burn" aka shrink these cells.


NOW do you see why it is so important to make a lifestyle change?


Okay, onto the good news... the easiest change you can make in your diet. Multiple studies have found weight loss is 70-80% diet (20-30% exercise). Obviously, you know "more fruits and veggies, fewer fats and sugars" but there are specific foods that can help you shrink fat cells leading to less belly fat, faster weight loss, and more confidence.


Additives and chemicals are major reasons Americans continue to expand. Try to limit processed foods and take the time to meal prep. For example, put down the oatmeal packets and spend the time to make a big batch once a week, portion servings, and reheat throughout the week. For whole foods, a great guide is the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen of what foods to buy organic and which ones are not easily contaminated with pesticides.


Of course, there are some food recommendations. Check out our list below! You can combine a lot of the foods below to create a powerful belly-banishing meal!


1. Walnuts - An amazing source of essential fatty acids, walnuts help prevent insulin resistance, so when you eat carbohydrates the carbs are more likely to be used to fuel your muscles instead of causing a sugar rush and crash.

2. Unsweetened Oatmeal - High in fiber and practically sugar-free oatmeal is an amazing meal or snack! Avoid canceling out the benefits of oats by adding sugar to your oatmeal. Instead, add chopped walnuts, tart apples, protein powder, or even peanut butter to your bowl!

3. Salmon - High in protein, essential fatty acids, and very low in mercury salmon is a protein option! Spread 1 tsp. of olive oil on a 3-4 oz filet of salmon and top with fresh herbs and garlic for a delicious lunch or dinner option.

4. Egg Whites - Egg whites are virtually entirely protein making them low-calorie and a bang for your buck. They also can be prepared in a number of ways. If you are trying to eat more veggies, sauté veggies in olive oil and Mrs. Dash seasoning and add egg whites for a protein and fiber-packed dish!

5. Apples - Because fruits contain sugar, it is a common misconception they have no place in a fat-loss diet. However, apples are high in fiber and low in fat. The key is to only have one apple a few days a week and make sure you eat the skin, otherwise, you miss out on the anti-oxidant benefits of apples.

6. Broccoli - Vegetables in general are excellent for shrinking fat but broccoli contains over 100% of your daily Vitamin C and Vitamin K in a one-cup serving! Broccoli is also high in vitamins and minerals needed to keep you well.

7. Flaxseed - With a subtle nutty flavor and packed with nutrition flax seed is a great addition to salads, oatmeal, and smoothies. Flax seeds are an especially great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which protect bones, curb hunger, and fight free radicals, improving the appearance of skin and overall health.

8. Casein Protein Powder - Protein powders are a great way to curb cravings and also ensure you get enough protein in your diet. Muscle Mix contains casein and whey protein isolate, both of which are slowly digested to burn fat cells and curb your cravings for hours!

9. Berries - Super high in fiber and antioxidants, loaded with fiber, and containing protein; berries should be your best friend! Add berries to oatmeal, blend in a Muscle Mix smoothie, or just have as a snack.

10. Natural Peanut Butter - Peanut butter is a great, healthy fat but is also high in calories, so don't start eating with reckless abandon. Instead, measure 1 tbsp. to top oatmeal, spread on a sweet potato, or mix into a smoothie. Processed peanut kinds of butter are loaded with chemicals, so if you do not have a taste for natural varieties, nix peanut butter from your diet.


Okay, so you have your diet in place. Now, what exercises can you do? Cardio is an easy and effective way to lose weight, as long as you burn more calories than you consume in a given day. Weight lifting is also essential because you will gain lean muscle which in turn boosts your metabolism and burns more calories in a given day. Check out the Skinny Jane (our sister company) YouTube Channel!


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We hope you enjoy and practice some of today's tips! If you need a little motivation or inspiration,