Core Care 180 Premium Probiotic: How it Works

Probiotics are not a new discovery or even a fad. In fact, for thousands of years, humans have been consuming probiotics in the form of fermented foods. However, over the last several decades, humans have moved from a self-sustaining lifestyle into a convenience-based lifestyle. Foods have not only lost nutritional value but also probiotic value. Probiotics build the lining of your digestive tract leading to better digestion, absorption, and elimination. It is important to keep your microbiome healthy in order to maintain good digestion and overall health.


More and more of our customers are taking our probiotic Core Care 180, that's because they are incredible! Probiotics are the "good guys" in the gut microbiome; the healthy bacteria that live in the gut and digest food.



  • Help create a balanced microbiome
  • Prevent digestive issues Improve skin
  • Reduce inflammation - the source of diseases, pain, and discomfort
  • Prevent infections


Not all probiotics are created equal. It is important to build a diverse microbiome, not saturate your system with one strain (lactobacillus is a popular choice). Core Care 180, for example, contains 7 strains of bacteria. It is also important to consider the number of probiotics in the formula, this is noted by CFU (or colony-forming units). Unless you have a seriously diagnosed condition (such as Chron's) you do not need a high dosage because your body will excrete what you don't need.


Everyone has a different experience when they begin taking probiotics.


Normal experiences include:

  • Improved regularity
  • Less bloating
  • Clearer skin
  • Better mood
  • Weight loss


Some people may also experience gas, bloating, and diahrrea. However, these three experiences most always go away within a few days.


Think of it this way, whether you admit it or not, you have spent several years of your life eating for convenience. Maybe you drink copious amounts of coffee or sodas, have a diet high in red meat, or take several antibiotics throughout the year. Now, by taking probiotics, you are essentially kicking the bad guys out or at least, making them live in peace with the good guys. How does your body get rid of both good and bad things... elimination in solid, liquid, and gas forms.


Probiotics like Core Care 180,  are an excellent addition to your general health and weight loss routine. Not only will your gut benefit but your skin, mood, and entire well-being can improve with the use of Core Care 180.


*If you do experience questionable symptoms for more than a week, we recommend talking to your doctor as this could be a sign of greater problems in the GI tract.*