Have you ever felt like you've done EVERY THING but the scale still doesn't move and your pants still won't zip? The solution may be simple. Check out these five reasons you may not be losing weight and if you can relate it's time to really make a change!


1. Alcohol - Lets start with the big one! Alcohol is created during fermentation, which involves sugar. Not only are alcoholic beverages high in sugar (aka carbohydrates) they also lower inhibitions so you may eat more. Not to mention, a hangover is a just another excuse not to exercise.


2. Your Partner is Not On Board - If your partner (or roommate, etc.) is not involved in your weight loss journey or interested in improving their own health you will struggle. Encourage them to be your workout partner or offer to cook dinners to get them interested in your health journey and their own. If it just doesn't work join a group exercise class or small gym where you can surround yourself with like-minded folks.


3. Running on Empty - When you workout on an empty stomach research shows you could be burning muscle, not fat. Have a balanced meal or nutrient-dense snack 1-2 hours before exercising. If you exercise first thing in the morning try drinking a Muscle Mix shake on your way to the gym.


4. Too Much of a Good Thing - While almonds, olives, and lean meats are better than fried bologna and fries they still contain calories! Take a look at your diet and see where you may be getting extra calories. Do you really need a piece of low-fat string cheese after work? Cutting out just 60 calories a day during the work week = 15,600 calories in one year!


5. Low Commitment - Plain and simple, you won't be successful without commitment to your goals! So many of us want to lose weight "on our own" but what happens is we do not commit. The Lean 180 30 Day Challenge come with a Success Goal Card to help you set goals and commit! We cannot stress how important it is to have goals, have a meal plan, and have a support team.


Now, what are you going to do to REALLY start losing weight?!