Part of instilling the importance of a healthy lifestyle in children is teaching them about healthy lifestyles. While you can always lead by example, why not involve them in your journey. We are here with different calorie-torching activities that are fun for the whole family! This week make it a point to get out and turn your workout into a family affair. You'll be burning calories and bonding - what could be better?!


Take a Hike - Head to a local park or take a trip to the nearest state park. Keep it fun by playing "I Spy" or making a scavenger hunt for a squirrel, 5 leaves, a round rock, etc. Remember to pack Muscle Mix and GO! Pro-Shakes to keep the energy up. Burn: 400 calories and hour

Go Swimming - It's still warm enough to swim so throw on your swimsuits and get into the pool! Try playing a game like Marco Polo or tag to keep the energy up. Burn: 400-500 calories an hour, depending on weight and speed

Clean the Windows - Okay, parent's we hear you. But make it fun! Let the kids be a little crazy and you can follow them making the windows spotless. Just like we need to show our kiddos exercise is fun, we need to show them cleaning in fun (right?). Burn: 300+ calories an hour

Do an Exercise Video - Home exercise videos are popular because they let us be close to home and are generally viewed as an easy and fun workout. Try a dance-based video such as Zumba to get the whole family moving and grooving. Burn: up to 400 calories an hour. 

Mini-Golf - What's better than trying to beat mom and dad at a game? Head to your local mini-golf course and see who can get the lowest score Burn: 175 calories an hour

Meal Prep - Preparing meals together isn't so much about burning calories as it is instilling a desire to eat healthy and be healthy in your children. Let your children begin to chop veggies or stir foods together. Cooking is not only a valuable life skill, it is also important for children to understand how to improve the quality and nutrition of the foods they eat.


Tell us, what is your family's favorite activity to enjoy together?