Probiotics and their Role in Reducing Breast Cancer

We've already informed you that probiotics are healthy gut bacteria. Building your microbiome will increase the digestion, decrease bloat, build your immune system and so much more. Today we have more good news - early research shows that probiotics may reduce your risk of breast cancer. Dr. James Goedert has authored a study that found gut bacteria plays a role in regulating estrogen levels. Years of research show that excess estrogen levels lead to a greater risk of developing breast cancer.

Now, the question to ask yourself is how healthy is your microbiome? First, you need to build a healthier gut with premium probiotics. Core Care 180 is a great choice because the spore-forming formula has been proven to remain stable until entering the gut where it begins to flourish. Core Care also contains the Lactobacillus strain which has been found to be more plentiful in the breast tissue of healthy women.

In addition to taking probiotics, other steps to take are only taking antibiotics when necessary, eating a varied diet rich in fiber, and getting plenty of exercises.

We live in a culture obsessed with antibiotics, including antibacterial soap. While these products have saved countless lives, we tend to rely on them as soon as a sniffle hit. Let colds and sore throats run their course and wait 5-7 days before going to the doctor (unless previously directed otherwise) and finish medications!


Eating a varied diet is a general rule for staying healthy but start eating foods rich in fiber like oatmeal, beans, and leafy greens. These foods often contain prebiotics, starches that promote the growth of probiotics. Fiber-rich foods also have the added benefit of helping you feel full which increases weight loss.


Lastly, exercise. Getting sweaty isn't just for weight loss anymore. Working out regularly may pass food through the digestive tract more efficiently and reduce compounds such as bile acids that allow healthy bacteria to flourish.


We hope you find this information valuable and share it with a woman close to you or even adopt these habits yourself. Remember that your health starts in the gut - the "core" of your body and health.