One of the most common New Year’s resolutions for men is to lose weight, but many men find it hard to stick to their resolution and end up not making a change in the long run. Here are some weight loss methods and weight loss tips to keep you encouraged to stay committed and attain your resolution: 

Set Realistic Goals 

Many men simply look for rapid weight loss or fast weight loss instead of looking for weight loss plans that work long term. Not only will setting unrealistic goals, such as losing 40 pounds in 2 months, be hard to obtain and discourage you if you don’t succeed; but if you do find a way to meet the goal it may not be healthy and may make it hard for you to keep your weight off in the long run. 
Write It Down 
After you make your resolution(s), write them down and place them somewhere you will see them every day. This will give you a daily reminder of what you are working toward and help you reach your goals. For extra weight loss motivation, try putting a motivational quote under your resolution or invest in a motivational calendar to look at every day! 

Make One Change at a Time 

This is important if you are trying to stick to more than one resolution. Instead of trying to commit yourself to multiple resolutions all at once, focus on one for a month before starting your next one. Trying to change too many things at once will discourage you more so than starting one thing at a time, you can’t put 100% effort into multiple resolutions at once. 

Break It Up 

Break up each of your resolutions into smaller goals. Instead of saying “I want to lose “x” number of pounds” or “I want to get buff” make weekly goals that work towards your ultimate goal such as “go to the gym 3 times this week” or “bring a healthy lunch to work every day this week instead of going out." Giving yourself these smaller weekly or daily goals will not only help you plan out how to reach your goals, but will also keep you motivated. 

Keep Track of Your Progress 

Make sure that you set a goal that you can measure and keep track of your progress. This could be weighing yourself 2 times a week and or measuring yourself weekly. This will allow you to keep track of your progress and will help you hold yourself accountable. Then, you can make adjustments in your diet plan if you aren’t getting the results you want. 

Get Support 

Find a friend that has a similar New Year’s resolution as you do and hold each other accountable, this way you can help each other reach your individual goals. It will also give you someone to talk to when you are feeling discouraged and someone to keep you motivated. 

Focus on Your Accomplishments 

When you do start to feel discouraged, think about all your past accomplishments in life and make a list of 10 (or more) things you are proud of. No matter how small the task you accomplished may be, it will show you that you do have the willpower, strength, and desire to accomplish your goals. And this may just give you the momentum you need to get fired up again. 

Lift Your Spirits 

Feeling like your willpower is dwindling? Do something that makes you happy (walk, read, workout, call a friend, or watch a funny movie) this will distract you from thinking about your loss of motivation. Being happy goes a long way when it comes to working toward goals and making life changes! 

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