Everyday, at some point, we could all use a little boost. Unfortunately, we have been trained to reach for a cup of coffee, or sugar-filled drinks and snacks. Good news is, you do have other options! Check out our list of foods that have nutrients your body will actually use to give you a boost when you need it most


1. Black Rice - Considered a “slow carbohydrate” this rice is packed with antioxidants and fiber that longer to digest, leaving you satisfied with sustaining energy.


2. Edamame - Magnesium, found in edamame is necessary for the the energy transport between cells. Increasing magnesium can quite literally boost your energy levels.


3. Beef - While we are often encouraged to watch our red meat intake, a little beef is good for you. The iron in beef helps is easily absorbed and provides oxygen to the blood, helping to fuel all your organs.


4. Strawberries - With more Vitamin C per cup than an orange, strawberries are anti-oxidant powerhouses. Eating a cup will help fight fatigue and is an accesible snack throughout the day.


5. Matcha - This powdered green tea cotains a small amount of caffeine, along with L-theanine. Together they help you perk up and stay motivated. Try it with steamed milk and honey.


6. Lentils - Vegetarians often eat lentils in place of meats because they are packed with a variety of B-vitamins and in-turn use your food into fuel. Try it in place of pasta, or add it to soup for a hearty meal.


7. Honey - Instead of reaching for sweets, try a little honey in yogurt or brew some green tea and add honey. This natural sweetener has a time-release effect that will satisfy a sweet tooth and provide lasting alertness.


8. Muscle Mix - Muscle Mix contains a blend of seven proteins and healthy carbohydrates to keep you full and alert. Plus, it contains the B-vitamins and Magnesium mentioned in this article to improve your alertness throughout the day. Drink your Skinny Blend shake first thing in the morning for energy that will last all day or in the afternoon when you may need it most.