1. Drink 2-3 liters of water daily
    According to WebMD.com, 10 minutes after drinking 17oz. of water your metabolism speeds up by 30%. 30 to 40 minutes after, your metabolism reaches its maximum boost, which helps you burn more calories.
  2. Eating more healthy fats
    Healthy fats (in moderation, of course) can help increase your metabolism to boost your weight loss. You can find healthy fats in foods like dark chocolate, avocado, olive and coconut oil, all-natural peanut butter, nuts and seeds (especially walnuts and flaxseed), salmon, olives, and soybeans.
  3. Eating small meals every 3-4 hours
    Your body and your metabolism have been proven to work more effectively when you eat more, smaller meals each day. Spacing your meals out like this can also help with portion control and curbing your appetite because your body will start to expect smaller portions at each meal.
  4. Sleeping 8 hours each night
    When you don't get enough sleep, your body tells your metabolism to slow down, use less energy, and may even cause you to binge later in the day. By sleeping 8 full hours each night, you're preparing your metabolism to function at full speed all day long, which can help boost energy levels and control your appetite.
  5. Avoiding restrictive diets
    While certain restrictive diets like the 3-day military diet and the 7-day cleanse may promise large amounts of weight loss, it's usually better to avoid those because they can disrupt the normal function of your metabolism. When dieting especially, stick to 3-4 meals a day and whole foods and you will see much better results than with restrictive diets.
  6. Eating more
    Extreme calorie restriction (like in the 3-day military diet or other cleanses) can actually hurt your chances of long-term weight loss. Restrictive meal plans slow down your metabolism and conserve calories for survival, which can actually cause you to gain weight.
  7. Eating more natural metabolism-boosting foods
    Including foods like raspberries, salmon, chili peppers, watermelon and apples can actually increase your metabolism because these foods have been proven to be especially effective at boosting metabolism. 1 8oz glass of green tea, like the TKO Knockout Weight Loss Tea, can also help naturally increase your metabolism. 


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